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Research Administration in Open Science

Jan Andersen is Head of Research Office at the University of Southern Denmark. He has a background in Computer Science and Danish Language. He has been working with research strategy and research planning. He was involved in building up four very successful research support units. He was an advisor for Rectors of the Danish Technical University, University of Copenhagen, and the former Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University. He was responsible for the cross-faculty follow-up of the Danish university merger in 2007. He was Head of the Nordic Association of University Administrators Working Group for Research Administrators. Jan Andersen is an expert on the EU framework programs. Jan Andersen was a Board Member and co-founder of the Danish Association of Research Managers and Administrators. Jan Andersen was hosting the 2009 Annual Conference of European Association of Research Managers and Administrators, EARMA and elected Chairman for EARMA 2010-2013, and board member until 2018. From 2013-2018 Jan Andersen was Chair of the COST BESTPRAC Targeted Network, with more than 650 participants from 41 countries. Jan Andersen is the co-author of “Research Management – Europe and beyond”. Presentation abstract: The changing environment of research towards “Open Science”, competitive and collaborative research projects, influences the careers of young researchers. Competition, quality and the necessity of meeting societal challenges and other “non-academic” requirements in the pursue of funding highlight the need for external advice and counseling. Here comes your local research manager and administrator to rescue. Research managers and administrators facilitate the research process from the idea to the realization of the research project. We can be a sparring partner on your career, help you identify funding, and explain – sometimes even solve the non-academic parts in research application e.g. impact, gender issues, open science, and ethics. This presentation discusses the emergence of professional support staff, and how you can benefit from involving your local research manager and administrator.

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