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PhD students

Content suitable for PhD students

From Sense to Reason. Using image schemas to intelligently reason about objects and events.

Part 7: In this presentation Maria Hedblom explains a topic that has already been touched upon in the previous parts. It is about the perception of robots of objects in a room. This time, however, it is also about being able to recognize certain events. For this purpose image schemas are used to realize this recognition. 

Event-predictive active Interface: Developing Conceptual, Compositional cognition from sensorimotor experiences

Part 6: In this presentation, Martin Butz explains a very exciting approach to creating compositional cognition in robots that draw on Sensorimotor experiences. Therefore sensorimotors are presented and explained how the experience can be used for interesting developing concepts.

Cognitive-enabled Robotics

Part 1: In this presentation, Michael Beetz takes it a bit further and starts with some basics. In order to understand what cognitive-enabled robotics is, it is necessary to first understand what exactly robots are. In addition, it is necessary to understand what cognitive means as well. All these exciting topics will be covered in this presentation.