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Learn about cognition-enabled robotics and all related topics. The lectures series provides insight into cognition, robot perception, knowledge representation, planning, and other highly interesting talks. Many lectures were held at the EASE Fall Schools.


Virtual Training and Tutorials

EASE and the Institute for Artificial Intelligence at Bremen University developed different software tools and datasets for cognition-enabled robotics. The tools and datasets are used in research as well as in classes at the University of Bremen and our partner institutions.

Ph.D. Students

Doctoral Students

You are a computer science or engineering Ph.D. student and interested in cognitive-robotics? Find out what we've got to offer.


Master and Bachelor Students

You are an undergraduate or postgraduate student of computer science or engineering interested in robotics? Get to know about the exciting field of cognition-enabled robotics.

HB Students

Bremen University Students

You are studying Computer Science at the University of Bremen, you are interested in Artificial Intelligence, and cognition-enabled robotics? Here you can find information on how to choose the best courses to be a researcher in robotics as well as learning materials.


Inhalte für Schülerinnen und Schüler

Schülerinnen und Schüler der Sekundarstufe können sich hier mit Hilfe von Einführungsmaterialien aus dem Bereich der Alltagsaktivitäten Wissenschaft und Technik für Selbstlernprojekte informieren.