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Rachid Alami

Some Decisional Challenges for Human-Robot Joint Action

Part 2: Rachid Alamis' second presentation continues with a dive into the exciting topic of Human-Robot Interaction (HRI). When humans interact with each other, for example by giving a pen to someone else, they exchange (verbal/non-verbal) signals. Rachid Alami gives a very good, short introduction to human-human interaction before exploring the challenges of adopting joint action between humans for human-robot interaction. He presents multiple "decisional ingredients" for interactive autonomous robot assistants.

On Decisional Abilities for a Cognitive and Interactive Robot

Part 1: In the first part of his captivating lecture, Rachid Alami discusses decisional abilities required for Human-Robot Interaction (HRI) and Human-Robot Collaboration in particular. The challenge is to develop and build cognitive and interactive abilities to allow robots to perform collaborative tasks with humans, not for humans. The first part centers on the introduction to Human-Robot Joint Actions and the problems of combining tasks planning (what to do) with motion planning (how to do it), especially for grasping, and how they can be solved.