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Industrial Robots

Robot Perception For Real-Life Applications

Michael Suppa from Roboception GmbH gives useful insights into robot perception applications in real-world environments. Roboception provides 3D vision hardware and software solutions that enable industrial robotic systems to perceive their environments in real-time. His talk introduces sensing principles, confidence and errror modelling, as well as pose estimation and SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping). He also lists the requirements for real-world perception and manipluation systems in industrial environments.

Mobile pick-and-place robots in the real world

Moritz Tenorth, CTO at the start-up Magazino GmbH, talks about mobile pick-and-place robots in industrial working environments. Magazino develops and buildsĀ customized industrial robots and robot platforms mainly used in logistics that serve as robot assistants to humans, for example to factory workers to keep their work environment safe and efficient. Moritz Tenorth gives us an idea of how challenging these tasks are and how they can be solved. He also shares his advice for a successful transition from academia to industry and the work in a real startup environment.