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Types of Memory

Cognitive Architecture design and the Common Model of Cognition

Part 3: In his third and final lecture, David Vernon discusses recent developments in cognition research. He addresses the common model of cognition that emcompasses approaches in Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Science, Neuroscience, and Robotics. It is mainly based on the book "Unified theories of cognition" by Allen Newell, a leading investigator in computer science and cognitive psychology. Newell states that cognition takes place over multiple timescales (from millisecond-level to year-level and everything in between).

The role of memory in cognition

Part 2: In his follow-up lecture, David Vernon dives deeper into the role of memory, especially in a system. Memory, as he states, is a process rather than a state. He presents different types of memory, explores the role of memory, explains the concept of self-projection, prospection, and internal simulation, and clarifies technical terminology from cognitive science and psychology as well as from robotic literature. He concludes with internal simulation combined with action, and with the concept of forgetting which is important but still not fully understood in neuroscience.